Friday, June 20, 2008

Trim Your Tummy

Trim Your Tummy - How To Do Intervals with Cardio

Hello again! Cardio training can help you to trim your tummy especially if you do it in short burst intervals. In the following, Holly Rigsby gives an example of How to Do Intervals to get you on the fast track to start burning that stubborn fat to trim your tummy:

EX: Walking on the Treadmill: Basic Program

Start with your normal three to five minute warm-up. About 5 minutes into your session, you will do your first interval, 30 seconds of brisk walking (or jogging). At the end of 30 seconds, you should be winded and ready to slow down. This will be your active recovery period, slowing your walking down for the next 2 minutes. Then repeat by increasing the intensity of your speed for 30 seconds.

3-5 minute warm up
30 sec. "high"
2 minutes "low"

Repeat this pattern for 3 to 8 complete Intervals and finish with a cool down.

If you are new to this style of cardio, you will find that a mere 8 minutes feels quite long and intense. That's when you know you'll never have to go back to long, tedious, time-wasting cardio again.

Intervals for Fat Loss:

The shorter and more intense the visit, the better. Plus, they burn calories and fat after the training session, and that's something you won't get from slower, longer sessions of cardio.

NOTE: You should not do intervals every day. You also will want to gradually add intervals to your workout routine, doing too much too soon may cause injury. As always, be sure to check with your physician before starting a new exercise or nutrition program.

There are hundreds of options that extend beyond a simple treadmill. Find a method you enjoy.

Trim Your Tummy

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