Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Trim Your Tummy

Trim your Tummy - Learn What and How to Eat for Fast Results

Happy New Year Ladies!

It's been a while since the last post but I'm back. One of the frustrating things about burning the baby fat is that as you trim your tummy when it comes to seeing results, you have to be patient. Unfortunately, losing the weight takes more time and effort than putting it on. But there is hope as our resident lifestyle Mom, Holly Rigsby of FYM states the "5 Diet DO's for Fast Results":

1. DO Eat Breakfast every morning.

Eat a high fiber, high protein breakfast, feel energized, crush afternoon cravings and give your metabolism a kick start!

2. DO Eat every 3 to 4 hours

Eating often during the day gives your body the nutrients it needs to feel awake, energized, satisfied (so you are not fighting cravings) and keeps your metabolism humming.

3. DO Eat a Protein with Every Meal

Protein - chicken, fish, eggs, dairy, nuts, beans - not only gives your body the building blocks to create a faster metabolism, protein keeps you feeling full and satisfied.

4. Do Eat Produce with Every Meal

Produce - any and all fresh/frozen fruits and veggies. Eating one or both at every meal fills your body up with super nutrients with less calories. This is also the quickest way to flatten your tummy!

5. DO Drink Water

A commonly overlooked diet strategy. Getting fast results is more than just what you are eating, it is also what you are drinking. Not only will water keep you hydrated on ZERO calories, but will also crush cravings, eliminate headaches AND assist your metabolism to be running at top efficiency!

Give it a go. Try these Diet Do's for 3 days in a Row. Give yourself and your body a chance to trim your tummy and truly see and feel the benefits."

Trim your Tummy

Monday, November 10, 2008

Trim your Tummy

Trim your Tummy - Accountability

The "real" way to trim your tummy is to be accountable for your actions. It's then and only then, that you'll be able to survive the ups and downs and be the stronger mentally and physically for it. Here's what Holly Rigsby has to say about accountability:

"Many of us start off strong with our diet and exercise plan then life happens. We miss a workout or two, have one too many cheats, go on vacation, and all of a sudden we are back to square one - afraid to start again for fear it will only lead to the same frustration and disappointment.

So why is it when you make the best effort to take responsibility and try your best make positive changes to the way you eat and exercise that you always seem to fail miserably.

If you only have yourself to answer to each day and each week, who is there to lift you up, to encourage you to stay strong, to help you forgive yourself so you can stay on track when the going gets tough? Yet, many of us still insist that we can lose weight all on our own.

You have the choice to end this cycle of failure. If you are truly serious about gaining a healthy lifestyle and reaching your fitness goals, accountability is one of the most important aspects of taking responsibility."

Trim your Tummy

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Trim your Tummy

Burn the Baby Fat - It's the Small Changes that Count

We are so focused on the BIG stuff that we often forget the little things or steps that we need to be more aware of in order to get ahead with trimming your tummy. The following is the usual good common sense advice of our favorite busy Mom, Holly Rigsby:

"Exercise aside - you simply cannot discount the eating habits that cause your body to either be in fat burning mode or fat storage mode. Time to STOP breaking these rules- fire up your metabolism and - get on the Fast Track to Results once again!

STOP Breaking these TOP 5 Nutrition Rules

1. Drinking your calories
Do you drink soda, juice, milk, sports drinks, coffee - all day long? This is the #1 source for instant, high calorie intake.Plus many of these drinks are loaded with sugar.

2. Not Drinking Water

Replace some of the high calorie beverages above with pure water and you will not only save yourself the calories, you will vamp up your metabolism!

3. Skipping Meals Eating once or twice a day is the best way to slow your metabolism to a fat storing Halt!

In order to burn more fat, you must supply your body with a consistent fuel source - ideally eating every 3 to 4 hours.

4. Not Meal Planning

Without a having a plan of what to eat you will find yourself either skipping meals -Rule #3 - or turning to high calorie, low nutrition convenience foods.

5. Late Night Snacking

This is without a doubt the #1 concern of many women in ClubFYM.com. There is nothing more crushing to a woman's fat loss plan than the urge to eat at night. All the day's "good deeds" can vanish within minutes of the munchies.

Now that you are aware of the daily nutrition culprits you can begin to turn your fat loss results around. When viewed in this fashion, it really is the small changes that add up. Make a commitment to refuse to break these rules and not only will you save your self a ton of fat storing calories, you will turn your metabolism around - vamping it up to see even faster results!"

Trim your Tummy