Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Trim your Tummy

Trim Your Tummy - All or Nothing

We are all guilty of making the "all or nothing" mistake of rationalizing our reason to "start tomorrow" to trim your tummy. You don't need to have everything in its right place in order to start trimming your tummy. You and I both know that tomorrow never comes and we have to just face the reality that life waits for no one.

So just try your best with what you can by doing a big thing like getting a full workout in or doing a small thing like choosing to have one slice of pizza instead of two. The thing that really matters is that you are doing something and are holding fast to your goal to trim your tummy. True and lasting results come from the many small changes we make from one day to the next.

Stop procrastinating and take responsibility for your health by starting Today!

Trim your Tummy

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