Monday, November 10, 2008

Trim your Tummy

Trim your Tummy - Accountability

The "real" way to trim your tummy is to be accountable for your actions. It's then and only then, that you'll be able to survive the ups and downs and be the stronger mentally and physically for it. Here's what Holly Rigsby has to say about accountability:

"Many of us start off strong with our diet and exercise plan then life happens. We miss a workout or two, have one too many cheats, go on vacation, and all of a sudden we are back to square one - afraid to start again for fear it will only lead to the same frustration and disappointment.

So why is it when you make the best effort to take responsibility and try your best make positive changes to the way you eat and exercise that you always seem to fail miserably.

If you only have yourself to answer to each day and each week, who is there to lift you up, to encourage you to stay strong, to help you forgive yourself so you can stay on track when the going gets tough? Yet, many of us still insist that we can lose weight all on our own.

You have the choice to end this cycle of failure. If you are truly serious about gaining a healthy lifestyle and reaching your fitness goals, accountability is one of the most important aspects of taking responsibility."

Trim your Tummy

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